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Developer Tools

Guardant SDK 7 Update 8

Distribution with classic developer tools. It is optimal when using Guardant Code, Guardant Stealth II/Net II hardware security keys.


Guardant Sign/Time/Code/Stealth II/Net II
All editions of MS Windows starting with Windows XP
Guardant SDK 6
All models of Guardant electronic keys
MS Windows 7/2008/Vista/2003/XP/2000
This version is intended for clients using Guardant network keys with server version 5.5 and below.
Guardant Mobile SDK 4

A set of APIs, examples and documentation for developing application protection for Android and other operating systems. Allows to embed access to the Guardant SD and Guardant Code keys in protected applications. To develop the most loadable code and upload it to the key, it is needed to install additional Guardant tools.


Guardant SD 8ГБ, Guardant Code
All editions of Windows starting from Windows XP
All editions of Android starting from Android 3.1
Linux x86/x64, OS X x64
Guardant Mobile SDK 3
Yagarto for Guardant Code

Guardant Code
All editions of MS Windows starting with Windows XP

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