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About us

Guardant — is one of the leaders in the global market of ready-made systems for monetization and protection of software for vendors.

Guardant products are integrated into a structured system of solutions aimed at working with the full range of tasks in the field of software protection, licensing and sales management.

For more than 28 years we have been helping developers around the world maximize revenue from the sale of their products. Our solutions will ensure the minimum level of implementation costs and maximum efficiency in software monetization.


For many years, Guardant has been responsible to the participants of the software development market and has been offering comprehensive support todevelopers, as well as their customers around the world. We see our mission in helping our clients and partners to remain resilient and successfully develop business in any situation.

Guardant is an international company headquartered in Turkey with presence in Dubai, Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus.

on the market
software copies
3thousand customers
Main information about the Guardant
The functionality of Guardant corresponds to, and in a number of positions exceeds the world level of products in its segment.
A wide
range of possibilities
Guardant implements the most effective software licensing models. The complex of products provides an opportunity to choose and further develop monetization strategies, as well as automates sales management and software accounting.
in the world
Developers from more than 30 countries have entrusted the monetization of their software to the Guardant solutions.
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