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The monetization strategy of each product is unique and must take into account many factors.The Guardant team, having extensive experience in protection and licensing, provides support at all stages and helps to solve tasks.
  • Threat model analysis, protection architecture design, selection of tools and products
Development of a
sales model
  • Study of the industry segment in order to determine the most promising licensing models and best global practices
  • Recommendations on the choice of pricing policy depending on the chosen licensing strategy
Organization of the
sales process
  • Building effective vendor operational processes related to software sales
  • Automation of the processes of creating, accounting and updating of software licenses
Defining a
business development strategy
  • Analysis of promising trends in the development of the industry segment, identification of growth points, development of a future strategy for software monetization
The Guardant team is directly interested in the success of their customers' business and is ready to share their experience and knowledge.

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