Developer’s Kit


The Developer's Kit is a fully-functional and self-sufficient set of tools and hardware for protecting software and content against piracy. Each Developer's Kit includes all required software tools, and access to free support and updates. All the software and documentation is available for download. To take full advantage of Guardant Developer’s Kit purchase any dongle of required model and download developer’s kit.

  • Guardant SDK
  • Mobile SDK

Guardant SDK is required to start working with Guardant dongles. Libraries and utilities that comprise the SDK enable constructing protection of varying complexity and resistance level, from software protection created in just a few minutes using Auto Protection Wizard to downloading loadable code into Guardant Code dongles. Guardant SDK is the primary means of working with Guardant dongles sold as a part of the SDK.

Guardant SDK tools are used to solve a number of problems, including:

  • remote update of dongles owned by end users;
  • Guardant API integration into applications and libraries on Windows and Linux;
  • automated binding of a protected application to the dongle using a wizard or by setting the parameters manually;
  • loading and debugging of any custom code in Guardant Code;
  • network dongle programming and working with network dongles.

Guardant Software is being continuously enhanced to provide more and more tools and new opportunities. Download the latest version of Guardant software and documentation in the Download Center.

A set of libraries and documents for protecting software on tablets, smartphones, ultra-books, and a number of other portable devices. Tablets and smartphones with costly custom software are used on an ever wider scale in education, healthcare, and public services, creating demand for reliable protection tools against unauthorized copying.

Guardant Mobile SDK offers developers of mobile apps a toolkit for creating reliable protection using source code loaded into dongles (also known as loadable code). The modern and user-friendly Guardant Mobile API works on four platforms (Android, Windows, Linux, OS X) and supports all varieties of Guardant SD and Guardant Code dongles. Dongles with USB and microSD interfaces are available for mobile devices, and loadable code can be written in C/C++ or Java.

Guardant Mobile SDK can be downloaded freely in the Download Center.

Guardant Dongles Gallery

  • Guardant Sign
  • Guardant Time
  • Guardant Code
  • Guardant Sign Net
  • Guardant Stealth II
  • Guardant Sign
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  • Guardant Sign micro
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