Release History

Guardant SDK is a family of ever evolving set of tools and technologies. Our core team consists of respected cryptographers, ex-hackers and top security specialists. We constantly improve our software and this page contains all the required information about the recent changes in our products.


Guardant SDK 7.6

This release includes a significant optimization of Guardant technologies for correct operation of security mechanisms in various environments and for use in applications written in different programming languages. Also, some bugs were fixed in the main Guardant tools.


Guardant SDK 7.2

The main feature of this new release is improved implementation of network procedures. The total speed of processes increased by 10 times. Guardant SDK starts to support Windows 10. New release fixed important bugs and fulfilled the requests from users.


Guardant SDK 7.1

The new version of Guardant SDK considerably improves Guardant Net server that has now started to support Linux. This release also updates drivers and API used for Guardant Stealth II, making dongles speed three times faster.


Guardant SDK 7.0

In this version, Guardant SDK has been completely reformatted. It’s now a “works out of the box” product like never before. New features vary from better samples and build scripts to completely rethought UI.


Guardant SDK 6.31

This release concentrates on stability enhancements as well as better support for network dongles. Mechanics of automatic protection and API have been reworked to avoid requiring administrative rights for any tasks.

Guardant Dongles Gallery

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  • Guardant Time
  • Guardant Code
  • Guardant Sign Net
  • Guardant Stealth II
  • Guardant Sign
  • Guardant Time
  • Guardant Code micro
  • Guardant Stealth II micro
  • Guardant Time Net
  • Guardant Sign micro
  • Guardant Time
  • Guardant Code
  • Guardant Net II
  • Guardant Stealth II
  • Guardant Net Family