Anti-piracy Protection System

Guardant is designed to protect your software from piracy and unauthorized use. It provides a high standard of assurance in your intellectual property defense. The latest technology and attractive pricing make Guardant a reliable solution for any software vendor.

Guardant can help you to:

  • Prevent unauthorized use of software by binding an application to a hardware key (dongle)
  • Distribute software safely world-wide
  • Maintain the customer database including license parameters and client data
  • Enable application licensing within end-user local network
  • Provide a range of licensing techniques to satisfy all end-user requirements
  • Update dongle memory distantly, activate and deactivate licenses
  • Enhance profits with help of flexible licensing options

Guardant developers are focused on comprehensiveness of software protection, one that involves ease of use, state-of-the-art technologies and reasonable pricing.

Why hardware protection

Even if the strongest defense against both code analysis and modification applied, software is being executed in an untrusted environment. So in spite the fact that the protected application could be a kind of black box, its I/O and execution context are suggested to be under an adversary control.

The only way to provide licensing functionality in such situation is to address an external trusted entity. In other words the protected application needs something that can answer a question “Does a user have a valid license at this particular time and how many copies of application can he use?”

Two different types of such trusted entities can be implemented nowadays. They are an online Internet activation/licensing server and specific hardware which allow storing licenses and providing secured communication with protected software.

Online licensing can be inappropriate both for developers due to heightened cost and risks and for clients who can have no permanent internet connection. We have concentrated on hardware protection techniques.

An ability to use USB interface enables us to provide an advanced level of compatibility for the end-users. Other options like built-in Real Time Clock (RTC) help developers to enhance flexibility in their software licensing strategies.