Guardant SDK 7.1

The new version of Guardant SDK considerably improves Guardant Net server that has now started to support Linux. This release also updates drivers and API used for Guardant Stealth II, making dongles speed three times faster.

Below is the detailed list of major changes in current release:

Network Server
Linux support
Upgraded «dongle - server» technology
Better working algorithm with licenses
Update of resource files
Improved user interface
Fixed the bug with dongle work on 64-bit OS
Fixed the bug with licenses restore
Guardant SP
Optimized drivers
Optimized source code for Guardant API calls
Improved protection technology
Three times higher speed of Guardant SP
Auto Protection
Licensing Wizard got a new option for creating notifications of license expiration
Fixed the bug with limits of software launches
Fixed the bug with support units of networking software
Guardant API
Simplified the algorithm of custom code loading to dongle memory
Added new examples of Guardant dongles using
Fixed the bug with functions for net dongles
Three times increase in speed of Guardant Stealth II/III by optimization of drivers and API

Download the latest version in Download Center.

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