Guardant SDK 6.31

This release concentrates on stability enhancements as well as better support for network dongles. Mechanics of automatic protection and API have been reworked to avoid requiring administrative rights for any tasks.

Below is the detailed list of major changes in current release:

Guardant Drivers
New features added: save, remove and recovery Guardant SP dongles with guardant diagnostic utility
Certified and signed by Microsoft for operating systems including Windows 8.1/Windows Server 2012 R2
Improved grddrv.dll: In the function when you specify value in a variable NULL, API path reckoned from the folder where you run the application
License Master
Option added: USE_NET_AS_LOCAL uses network key as local. Without that option program won't run when network dongle connected as local
SP Trial — When you use autoprotect option on the developer PC activates normal key, not trial
Network Server
Now working as a service in Windows 8 / 7 /2008 / Vista / 2003 / XP
Starts with the operating system and user don’t have to register it on his PC, special features of Windows service control are available for users
Notification API support for network dongles
Guardant API
Added search options of client's configuration file for guardant server keys for Windows and Linux
Improved compatibility with old API
Additional protection mechanisms for Guardant SP
Online documentation portal

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Guardant Dongles Gallery

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  • Guardant Code
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  • Guardant Stealth II
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  • Guardant Time
  • Guardant Code micro
  • Guardant Stealth II micro
  • Guardant Time Net
  • Guardant Sign micro
  • Guardant Time
  • Guardant Code
  • Guardant Net II
  • Guardant Stealth II
  • Guardant Net Family