Guardant SDK 6.1

Brand new network mechanics and a new Guardant Net server introduced in this release. Network dongles are now a bastion of stability and high performance. Migration of dongles to the new faster hardware platforms helps make the most of the new software.

Below is the detailed list of major changes in current release:

Network server
Brand new Guardant Net Server
Full support of Windows 8 by local and network Guardant API
The set of features for managing the Guardant Net Server, including the manual removal of inactive licenses
Server log, IPv6 and SSL support
Guardant Drivers
Driver had been tested by Windows Hardware Quality Labs and has a digital signature of Microsoft company
Fixed the error of GrdProtect function for Guardant SP dongles
Better pseudocode protection
New licensing modes
Support for new generation of Code dongles
Multiple enhancements in License Wizard
Guardant API
All API supports new network math (and doesn't support old one)
Delphi libraries updated, constants added for Guardant SP dongles
Delphi x64 support
Guardant license activation wizard offline mode support
License wizard and GrdUtil with full Guardant SP Time and Guardant SP Net support
Guardant SP for Linux (Only with Guardant API)

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Guardant Dongles Gallery

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