Guardant SDK 6.0

New version of Guardant SDK is a major refactoring of our software. New SDK structure as well as modern and intuitive interfaces allow for more effective protection process. New levels of copy protection are possible due to new features of this SDK.

Below is the detailed list of major changes in current release:

Guardant SP
Guardant SP is an analogue of Guardant Sign dongle, devoid of physical media
Protected by pseudocode in dongle driver and activated via the Internet
Guardant Drivers
Driver had been tested by Windows Hardware Quality Labs and has a digital signature of Microsoft company
Supports Guardant SP and all models of USB dongles
Better pseudocode protection
Licensing wizard
New graphic interface, based on .NET Framework platform
Support for business process protection, licensing, updates and so on
Bind to the two keys simultaneously feature added
Dongle Programming
Ribbon-interface and new graphic design
Guardant SP support
Advanced control of several keys and database

Download the latest version in Download Center.

Guardant Dongles Gallery

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  • Guardant Time
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  • Guardant Time Net
  • Guardant Sign micro
  • Guardant Time
  • Guardant Code
  • Guardant Net II
  • Guardant Stealth II
  • Guardant Net Family