Guardant Time

Specialized dongle with a built in high-capacity battery and real-time clock. The clock is protected against altering and can run about 3 years on a single battery. A dongle is intened for software licensing, protection, and distribution for Windows and Linux platforms. Time dongles have all the advantages of Sign with the addition of time licensing. Scenarios include leasing, renting, trial versions, credit sell, timed cloud access and much more. Allows you to work without any additional drivers.

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Guardant Time

New generation cross-platform USB dongle with real time clock, asymmetric cryptography, AES hardware implementation, and the ability to work without drivers. Allows you to automatically bind application licenses to the astronomic time.

Guardant Code Time

A full-featured Guardant Code dongle equipped with a RTC and a batery. The device is intended for licensing advanced software with time limits. Has all the features of both Code and Time dongles.

Guardant Time Net

The flagship of the network dongles line. Contains a real-time clock and an independent power supply. Supports all features of Guardant Sign Net. May provide dual licensing: in the network and based on usage time.

Why you need Guardant Time

Guardant Time is a powerful and unique dongle that protects software from illegal copying and allows for very flexible and time-based licensing schemes. Developer can choose to sell a limited license, restricted to given amount of days (months etc.) starting from the first launch. Alternatively, one can set a firm date on which license deactivates.

Guardant Time dongles are easily updated remotely. Seller of software can issue new license through the internet – as easy as copy-pasting an email. The dongle lasts about 3 years on a single battery, but may last up to 5. When the battery is done, the dongle turns into a Guardant Sign (or Code/Sign Net).

One can imagine a scenario like this: seller offers some rather costly software and buyer wishes to pay in parts. To ensure license compliance seller can equip it’s software with a Time dongle and prolong the license every time the payment is made. When it’s all been paid — time restrictions can be dropped remotely in a secure fashion with electronic transaction receipt.

How does Guardant Time work

Just like Guardant Sign, the dongle is based on a 32-bit RISC microprocessor. Its operating speed is several times higher than that of previous generation dongles.

The dongle supports all features implemented in Guardant Sign: hardware-based public- and symmetric-key algorithms (ECC, AES, GSII64), HID mode, Linux support, preventing multiple instances of a protected application, hardware protection against traffic analysis.

In addition to these features, the real-time clock provides advanced scenarios for time-based software licensing: algorithm activating/deactivating at a specified date, setting of a time frame for the algorithm to operate and more.

Tight integration of licensing policies with the dongle’s hardware algorithms significantly increases the level and effectiveness of protection.

Hardware platform
32-bit Cortex-M3 microcontroller.
4096 bytes of protected EEPROM.
Li battery (3 to 5 years of use).
Cryptographic algorithms
Electronic signature based on elliptic curves ECC160.
Symmetric encryption AES-128 and GSII64.
Hashing based on SHA-256 or GSII64.
Support for RTC restrictions.
Tunnel encryption of the communication protocol traffic.
Working in HID mode without additional drivers.
Support for Windows, Windows CE, and Linux.
Automatic protection of Win32 and .NET applications.
Tools for protection of Java applications.
Pseudo-code and obfuscation of protection components.
Flash memory 8GB, 16GB, or 32GB (in Flash model).
General characteristics
Interface: USB 1.1 and up.
Dimensions: 58 mm x 16 mm x 8 mm.
Weight: 6.3 g.

A high-speed, cross-platform dongle with built-in real-time clock and self-contained power supply. An RTC version of Guardant Sign keeping all of the advantages of the original feature set. Used for protection and time-based licensing of standalone software applications.

Guardant Time provides:

  • Automatic “one-click” means of protection for all popular programming technologies.
  • Trusted Remote Update for time restrictions
  • High-capacity battery and RTC
  • Ability to turn into Sign dongle
  • Versatile cross-platform API, which allows use of all the features of the dongle.
  • Access to timer from within Guardant Code’s loadable code
  • Multiple time-based licensing scenarios
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