Guardant Stealth II

Guardant Stealth II is a dongle with basic features. It was designed to protect and license software on Windows. The efficiency of protection is ensured by the use of the GSII64 hardware encryption algorithm. The dongle contains 256 bytes of protected memory, which is enough for license data storage and for the creation of several algorithms with different encryption dongles.

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Guardant Stealth II

Basic dongle with unique ID and 256 of user memory. Supports symmetric encryption and powerful automatic protection tools. Requires drivers to operate.

Guardant Stealth II micro

A miniature form-factor of a Stealth II dongle. Requires no change in protected software and works seamlessly. Has a LED light with diagnostic purposes.

Guardant Net II

Guardant Net II is a dongle with the basic features for the protection of network software on Windows. The dongle is based on a secure ARM microprocessor and has 256 bytes of EEPROM memory.

Who is Guardant Stealth II for?

Guardant Stealth II is a mainstream dongle with basic functionality. It is used for software protection based on its symmetric encryption functionality. Now Stealth II is being produced on the fast 32-bit Cortex-M3 microcontroller with 256 bytes of non-volatile memory.

Guardant Stealth II is a widely used dongle for software protection against piracy and unauthorized use. This dongle together with Guardant Automatic protection provides a cost-effective approach for Win32 and .NET applications defense. After all Guardant API allows developer to enhance protection quality and create his own unique mechanisms.

Hardware and software

The dongle is built on a high-speed 32-bit RISC processor. It has a number of cryptographic algorithms including tailor-made GSII64 (128 or 256 bit key) for symmetric encryption. There is 256 bytes of non-volatile memory to store cryptographic keys, to which protected applications are bond. All the memory has hardware protection against invasion analysis.

Stealth II allows developer to protect local Win32 or .NET applications so that the only computer where the dongle is plugged will run the protected application for this dongle. There is also a network edition dongle called Guardant Net II. It enables you to distribute more than one license a dongle and further licensing within a local network for your clients.

Hardware platform
32-bit Cortex-M3 microcontroller.
256 bytes of protected EEPROM.
Cryptographic algorithms
Symmetric encryption GSII64.
Hashing based on GSII64.
Automatic protection of Win32 and .NET applications.
Tools for protection of Java applications.
Pseudo-code and obfuscation of protection components.
General characteristics
Interface: USB 1.1 and up.
Dimensions: 58 mm x 16 mm x 8 mm.
Weight: 6.3 g.

Guardant Stealth II is a fast dongle with basic functionality. Provided up-to-date Guardant Automatic Protection together with Guardant API is used a consistent protection can be developed. Net II provides a cost-effective approach allowing developers to distribute more than one license a dongle.

  • Microcontroller-based architecture
  • 256 bytes of non-volatile memory for user data
  • Hardware-based customizable read/write user data protection
  • Three different passwords for dongle memory access control
  • Hardware obstruction for debuggers
  • DOS, Win16, Win32 and Win64 compatibility
  • Sophisticated protection techniques using symmetric encryption and one-way functions
  • Hardware-implemented cryptographic algorithms
    • Symmetric encryption and one-way data transform
    • Up to 18 keys a dongle
    • Ability to create, modify and delete algorithm’s descriptors
  • Symmetric encryption algorithm GSII64
    • On-board data encryption/decryption
    • Key length is 128 or 256 bits
    • Basic modes of symmetric block algorithms (ECB, CBC, OFB, CFB)
  • One-way functions
    • On-board data transformation
    • Max data block length is 255 bytes
  • TCP/IP and NetBIOS networks support (Net II only)
  • Two network licensing strategies (Net II only)
  • Easy network licensing configuration for protected software (Net II only)
  • Plenty of anti-debugging and disassembling techniques
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