Guardant Code Pro

Guardant Code Pro is expected to start shipping in 2017.

Guardant Code Pro is your ultimate solution for copy protection. Code Pro unites the most advanced and powerful electronic dongle with a high-capacity flash drive of up to 64 Gb. Equipped with a high-performance
ARM7-processor and an encrypted storage, available only from within the dongle using the built-in filesystem — Guardant Code Pro is a miniature full feature minicomputer. Which makes it a perfect black box — both for ultimate copy protection and convenience of portable software. Works on virtually any platform.

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What is Code Pro

Guardant Code Pro is an innovative dongle combining powerful copy-protection device with a high-capacity Flash-drive. What makes this dongle unique is a deep integration between the dongle and flash-memory. Due to that level of control over the flash, Guardant Code has a dedicated memory zone — formatted as a hidden drive, with seamless AES256-encryption and reachable only from within the dongle’s loadable code.

This effectively makes a dongle into a minicomputer: it’s equipped with 256 Kb of memory for code, 32 Kb of RAM and 16 Mb encrypted HDD unit. This combination allows for a very powerful protection: you can port a meaningful portion of your intellectual property right into the dongle, and since this code can’t be extracted from the dongle — only run by it — protected software effectively becomes unstealable.


Here are some examples of what you can do with Guardant Code Pro:

  • Sophisticated mathematical calculations, that need to be protected;
  • Custom DRM with built-in encrypted storage for content;
  • Using filesystem to communicate with your software.

Seamless integration of dongle and flash-drive along with modern communication protocols make this dongle applicable virtually everythere.

Hardware platform
32-bit Cortex-M4 microcontroller.
4096 bytes of protected EEPROM.
Up to 1 Gb encrypted storage.
Up to 64 Gb of Flash-memory.
Cryptographic algorithms
Electronic signature based on elliptic curves ECC160.
Symmetric AES-128 and GSII64 encryption.
Hashing based on SHA-256.
Loading and execution of up to 40,000 lines of code in C.
Tunnel encryption of the communication protocol traffic.
Working in driverless full-speed mode.
Support for Windows, Windows CE, Linux, OS X, Android, OS X and Windows RT.
Automatic protection of Win32 and .NET applications.
Tools for protection of Java applications.
Pseudo-code and obfuscation of protection components.
Flash memory 16 GB, 32 GB, or 64 GB (instead of 4 Gb given by default).
General characteristics
Interface: USB 1.1 and up.
Dimensions: 58 mm x 16 mm x 8 mm.
Weight: 7.3 g.
Driverless mode
One universal dongle mode for all modern platforms; driverless dongle doesn’t work using HID or any kind of prewritten driver – it functions through USB directly allowing for high speed and extreme user convenience.
Built-in HDD
The only dongle to have a full feature flash memory built-in exclusively for loadable code. This memory is configurable through API, can be encrypted via AES256 and has a built-in filesystem accessible only from within the dongle.
Ultimate protection
Forget automatic protection and preloaded cryptographic algorithms: with Guardant Code Pro one can implement virtually any protection scheme, regardless of how complicated that is. Up to 40 thousand lines of code (written in C) and a high-performance microprocessor allow for a rather demandful code to be ported.
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